Technology for small and medium-sized businesses with big ambitions


Customisable to Fit Any Industry and located entirely in the cloud


Efficient software to keep your cafe running as smooth as your coffee


Take your Retail store online with an integrated eCommerce site

Implementation Packages

Retail, Restaurant or eCom: we offer Full Implementation packages for every Lightspeed Product, all of which include:

  • Interactive Checklists and Shared folders
  • Set Up of Software backend & applications
  • Installation of your in-store POS Hardware
  • Front End Staff Training
  • Manager Training for Deep dive into Reports & Admin

We Know Lightspeed

Working with a Lightspeed POS Partner who has been Expert Certified since 2007 means major advantages to you:

  • We always have the inside scoop on the latest Lightspeed Features
  • We personally know the Integration partners who can help expand your POS features
  • We upgrade our training annually, so you can be confident in our status quo

Join the Lightspeed Family

With founder Tasha Da Silva at the helm, onboarding your company to the Lightspeed platform isn't just business, it's a family induction. Our team takes pride in making sure every company we work with feels like they have the support they need to grow their business

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