The Three ‘C’s of Employee Scheduling that Planday Does Right

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Employee scheduling is notoriously difficult. Whether you’re a support team trying to maintain 24-hour coverage or a busy retail store with tens of employees, regular turnaround, and constantly changing availabilities, you’ll be familiar with the pain of putting together a schedule that fits everyone.

When the thought of hiring another employee feels like more work than they would cover, or when an unexpected change of availability makes you unavailable for the rest of the day, your scheduling process is in the way of business growth.

It’s time for something better: Planday. Way more than just a digital calendar, Planday is a complete employee scheduling solution that can evolve the way you work. Here are the three ‘C’s of employee scheduling that Planday does right:


Before everyone had 24/7 access to the internet on our phone or computer, communication between employer and employee was rarely a conversation: from paper availability forms filled weekly to team schedules posted without notice on the break-room wall. Despite how far technology has come, this is still standard for so many small to medium businesses across the country.

Planday leverages the modern world to break down the barriers between manager and employee. By creating an app that works online and on your phone, Planday connects your team with a tool that fits seamlessly into their lives. Built to be like any other app, employees and managers alike can manage assigned shifts, view open slots to take on more work, ask for trades, update availabilities, and so much more. And best of all, it’s all done at their own pace, any time of day.

From an administration point of view, Planday keeps managers in the loop and informed about employees, from availabilities to traded shifts between coworkers. More than that, however, Planday has built in functions to send direct and business wide communications. Tied directly to the app, employees will see these messages and can be required to read, acknowledge, or even reply-to communications before being able to clock-in for shifts.

With Planday, the gap between manager, employee, and each other becomes a closely woven web enabling everyone with tools to communicate easier, quicker, and more consistently.


Planday was designed to be inoffensive and simple to use for employees, but don’t be fooled by it’s soft edges: just under the plush surface are strong controls available to managers. From the punch-clock to shift restrictions, Planday is as flexible or rigid as your business needs it to be.

A great example of this finely-tuned control is in the schedule templates. If your business has a schedule that stays the same week to week, you can turn repetitive scheduling into standard templates.

From there, you can manage shift requirements like experience (supervisor, senior staff) or skills (licensed forklift operator, trained on Point of Sale, etc), and Planday will automatically suggest and help map employees to shifts based on availability and preferences. Compliance requirements? Planday can track and ensure staff have legally mandated time between shifts, warn about entering overtime, and more. Whatever your requirements, Planday can capture your needs and prevent you from scheduling a shift missing key staff.

Those same controls apply to staff trading or selling shifts; if a shift has a particular skillset, only relevant staff will be able to take it on. And, depending on your business, managers can either have the final say in any schedule changes, or Planday can automatically approve changes that meet qualifications.

Finally, the punch-clock: one of the most important time-tracking elements for managers and employees alike. Planday has given paper punch cards a complete rework, enabling staff to clock-in on their phones and computers. Worried about staff abusing the system? Planday has options to prevent off-site clockins, by IP or GPS, as well as controls to prevent overtime, early clockins, and more.


Traditional scheduling involves a lot of paperwork, and not a lot of transparency. With Planday, schedules won’t get lost, employees can’t ignore important notices, managers can always see what’s happening, and it’s all auditable and reportable.

Forget the binders; with Planday every drop of data is stored in the cloud. Managers have 24/7 access to schedules, payroll information, staff data, and so much more, all wrapped up in a clean and simple interface. Business information is no longer something you have to shift through to get at; it’s there the moment you need it, wherever you are.

Employees benefit from a clear and intuitive system too; built with the same visual language as any other modern app, staff will understand in moments the full abilities of Planday. From being able to see their schedule anytime (without needing to come in-store or read blurry pictures of schedules sent by SMS), to being able to see up-to-date available shifts, to staff bulletins keeping them informed, Planday benefits the employee as much as the administration.

The Final ‘C’: Conclusion

Planday is a complete scheduling solution built for modern businesses, made to support staff as much as managers. From enabling communication in a way impossible twenty years ago, to smart and finely-tuned controls and tools, to a tidy web/app based interface to keep everyone informed, Planday is an obvious choice for businesses wanting to leverage the technology of today to schedule tomorrow.

If you’re interested in hearing more, check out Planday’s website for a full feature list and pricing.

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