Article written by Steve MacNaull, Valley Views, business reporter and columnist at The Kelowna Daily Courier

Tasha Da Silva works with her brother, Dax.

Nothing unusual about family working together.

However, Tasha is based in Kelowna and her brother heads up the company in Montreal.

The company is LightSpeed, a new-generation point of sale firm with 240 employees at six offices across the world and 200 certified partners around the globe, as well.

Tasha is one of those certified partners via her own company, Infuse I.T.

“I’ve proudly watched Dax turn LightSpeed into one of Canada’s fastest growing companies,” said Tasha.

“There are over 22,000 stores in 30 countries using LightSpeed, including some well-known brands such as Adidas, Leica, Fender, Toms and Vespa.”

Tasha is going her part selling the software to Okanagan stores and restaurants.

For the past five years she was the LightSpeed partner in Vancouver and doing very well.

“But, I’d always wanted to move to the Okanagan,” she said.

“So I did and it’s like starting from scratch. But it’s totally worth it for the lifestyle and being able to introduce LightSpeed to the Okanagan.”

She touts the software as superior because it is inventory-centric, seemlessly integrating all activities and accounting from the warehouse and front counter to online and mobile devices.

LightSpeed also does hardware sales, installation, training and ongoing consulting and support.

Early local clients include Fresh Air Experience, Vitamin King, Surf Culture Clothing, Olive Us, Man+Woman, Sassy Shoes, Serendipity Clothing, Seca Marine and Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School.

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