Faux Cafe & Bar

This is an example of a Client Story, and is completely fictional for demonstrative purposes only.

The Faux Cafe & Bar has been a gem in the Okanagan since 2010, opening it's door only a month after owners Derrick and Samantha Collins moved to Kelowna. Initially only here to support their growing family of two kids with a better lifestyle than Vancouver could offer, it wasn't long before their passion for food would ignite a burning need to be in the kitchen again.

Having grown several successful Vancouver bars from irrelevance to trendy mainstays, Faux Cafe & Bar is the result of years of experience and passion. Blending old traditions with new techniques in a setting fit to be served druids brews and mystical potions, it's become firmly established in the Downtown Core.

But it hasn't been a smooth rise from rough beginnings, as owner Derrick describes:

"Originally, we had a horrible Point of Sale. It really slowed our servers down, nothing was connected: it was like we had five different tools spread out across the store. You'd take an order in one place, and sudden someone wants the takeout they ordered an hour ago, and no one's even checked that system because it's over in the corner. Lots of unhappy customers and just as unhappy staff."

It was around 2016 that the difficulties grew to a breaking point:

"[...] there were days that our payment terminals started double charging. We found out it was because the integration between the PoS and the payment provider finally broke completely after struggling for months. We weren't even given an ETA to fix it, its like they gave up. That night I spent six hours manually refunding all our customers, and that was it: we were moving to something better."

With their sights set, it wasn't long before the store would be running smoothly. After doing their own research, Derrick decided Lightspeed Restaurant offered everything he wanted, backed by the word of mouth of the local business community. After a short call with Lightspeed, Infuse I.T. was chosen as the Faux Cafe's local partner. Within two weeks, their entire store was moved to Lightspeed, with staff and management trained and ready to go. The Collin's were overjoyed:

"[...] we couldn't believe how quick it was. We told [I.I.T] that we wanted it done ASAP, and they did it quicker than we were ready for. I think it was two weeks from purchase to going live with the new system, and staff immediately took to it. Since then, we've had nothing but luck working with [I.I.T] and Lightspeed."

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